We provide quality billboards and accessories to outdoor advertising companies all across the country.   All of our structures are designed, engineered and built to meet our customer’s specifications.

Design & Engineering

The key is a complete understanding of what the client wants, needs, and has envisioned for their new project.  This is achieved with a high level of communication for accuracy.  Along with 3D modeling, and rendering we will find out exactly what was envisioned, and create engineered drawings, fabrication drawings, and assembly drawings to make that vision come true.  With over 25 years of drafting experience we can ensure our customers have a complete understanding of the process, from conceptual design to finished product.


We fabricate all of our billboards in house.  We have a 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.  We have state of the art equipment.  We recently put in a 2,625 sq. ft. temperature controlled paint facility.  Our fabrication team is truly the heart of Horizon.  They are the ones that keep producing the high quality structures or customers have come to expect.


Our billboards are 100% bolted together.  This increases the turnaround time on installing.  It also reduces the cost of additional manpower and machinery that onsite welding demands.  We have contractors nationwide that can handle your install from start to finish.  If you decide you may want to try installing yourself, we can provide you with all the information and customer support you will need.


We only use the best when it comes to fasteners and paint.  We have a few great options when recommending displays and lighting.


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Toll Free: (888) 548-2940


Toll Free: (888) 548-2940